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Typographeum Bibliography (part four)

This is a listing of the ephemeral pieces I printed over the years, including the only thing I ever did on someone else's press. Occasionally I took requests from friends, or invited them to print themselves using my equipment.

Thomas Carlyle: To-day87 • Terry Risk (printer): Thomas Carlyle: To-day. 1973.

«Description» August 1973. 60 numbered copies. Signed by the printer. Single sheet printed on one side. Laid in brown wrappers, folded over and printed on the front. 10¼ x 8 inches. Type-face: 18-point Baskerville.

«Annotations» My only tutorial on the art of letterpress was kindly provided by Alex Frizzell, a bookseller and private press printer. He lived in a beautiful home close to West Linton, Scotland, and had installed there two fine presses, an Albion and an Arab. The latter was much easier to use and that was the one he usually preferred, so it was the one I used too. But first he showed me the layout of the type-case and had me distribute some type, then I set this poem and finally stood at the press feeding sheets of paper into it.

88 • Terry Risk (printer): The New Hampshire Antiquarian Booksellers Association: Book Fair. 1976.

«Description» November 1976. Single card announcement printed on one side. 3½ x 5½ inches.

Thomas Dekker: A Cradle Song89 • Thomas Dekker: A Cradle Song. Music by Keith Kibler. 1978.

«Title-Page» A Cradle Song | by | Thomas Dekker | Music by | Keith Kibler | [floral device] | TYPOGRAPHEUM | Francestown, New Hampshire | 1978

«Description» 1978. 100 copies. 6 unnumbered leaves sewn into cream card covers. Trimmed flush. 4½ x 2½ inches. Illustrated: design hand-colored by the printer and musical score by Keith Kibler both printed from line blocks: on pages [4] and [5]. Typeface: Bembo. Shuffled with 30 other contributions from private press printers in Europe and the United States. Preserved in a mahogany box with a vertically sliding front. Engraving by Pam Reuter mounted on the front.

«Annotations» I contributed 70 copies of this to the fourth printers' exchange organized by the Private Libraries Association. The subject was An Infant's Library, i.e. little stories for children.

90 • R. T. Risk (printer): Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles: [Programme]. 1978.

«Title-Page» [Decorative heading] | (long quotation from George Gissing) | [decorative tail piece]

«Description» [September?] 1978. Number of copies unknown. 2 unnumbered leaves, folded. Light blue card stock, folded once. 6 x 4 inches. Type-face: Bembo.

«Annotations»The Society of Bibliophiles at Oxford University offered its members, both undergraduates and professors, a distinguished series of lecturers and book-related visits. From the beginning it became customary to ask private press printers to do cards announcing the programme for each of the three academic terms: Hilary, Trinity and Michaelmas. Over the years many printers participated, and the cards they produced showed their individual styles. I was asked twice. This is the first; the second was in 1993 (number 102, below).

91 • Francis Golffing (translator): Marie Luise Kashnitz: Unsaid (Nicht gesagt). 1979.

«Description» 1979. 12 copies. 2 unnumbered leaves. 9½ x 6¼ inches. Text type-face: 12-point Bembo.

«Colophon» Twelve copies hand-set & printed | letterpress by R. T. Risk | From Likenesses by Francis Golffing | Copyright 1979 | TYPOGRAPHEUM | Francestown, N.H.

92 • Edward Thomas: The New House. 1979.

«Description» August 1979. 60 copies printed by David Risk (with help). Single card printed on both sides. The initial letter printed in blue. 6 x 4 3/8 inches. Signed.

«Colophon» Sixty copies handset by David Risk | and printed letterpress as a | souvenir of the visit of: | David Risk Inge Risk | Julie Risk David Risk II | Helen Risk Reta Risk | to Terry Risk at the Stone Cottage | Francestown, New Hampshire | 26-29 August 1979

Albion: (Prospectus)93 • R. T. Risk: Albion, A Journal for the Private Printer. [c. 1980.].

«Description» Undated [circa 1980]. Number of copies unknown. Prospectus printed on one side. 8½ x 5½ inches. The magazine's title printed in blue from a line block.

«Annotations» Albion was a magazine published in England by Roger Burford Mason. I wrote for it occasionally.

R. T. Risk: The Life and Death of Nicolaus Jenson94 • R. T. Risk: The Life and Death of Nicolaus Jenson. 1983.

«Title-Page» THE LIFE AND DEATH OF | Nicolaus Jenson | by R. T. Risk | The story of an early printer | who became rich and famous, | and including why he was sent | on a secret spy mission for the | King of France | [line block illustration] | TYPOGRAPHEUM | Francestown, New Hampshire | 1983

«Description» November 1983. 150 copies. 12 pages sewn. 6¼ x 4 inches. Illustrated: two line blocks: on title-page and on page 7. Printed in Bembo types. Shuffled with 28 other booklets from printers in Europe, North America and Australia. Preserved in a brown cloth slip-case. Titling label printed in brown on the back-strip of the case.

«Annotations» 125 copies of this were my contribution to the fifth printers' exchange organized by the Society of Private Printers [Private Libraries Association]. The subject was Chap-Books, i.e. anything having to do with printing.

95 • Terry Risk (printer): [Wheeler Visit]. 1984.

«Description» August 1984. Number of copies unknown. Single card printed by Harrison Wheeler (with help) on one side. 3 x 4 5/8 inches.

«Annotations» A few copies printed to remember the visit of my sister, Deanna, and her son, Harrison, here on August 11th.

96 • Francis Golffing: The Walkers. 1984.

«Description» February 1987. 25 copies. Single sheet printed on both sides. 11¼ x 8¾ inches. Text type-face: 12-point Bembo.

97 • James Joyce: Quotation from A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man. 1985.

«Description» August 1985. 15 copies printed in sepia and a device in yellow. Broadside: 11 x 8 inches.

«Colophon» [In sepia] Fifteen copies of this broadside were | hand-set and printed letterpress by R. T. Risk | for Alan W. Armstrong, 18 August 1985. | FLOREAT TYPOGRAPHIA MIRABILIS | This is copy ...

98 • Richard Rooke: A Visit from a Mountain. 1988.

«Description» [Summer] 1988. 10 copies printed by Richard Rooke (with help). 4 unnumbered leaves sewn into wrappers, cut flush and printed on the front. 6½ x 4¼ inches. Text type-face: 12-point Bembo.

«Annotations» This was written after a walk up the nearby Crotched Mountain. Richard thought he might like to try printing it himself, and he did so on my Chandler & Price treadle platen press.

99 • Francis Golffing: Finger Exercises (II) 1990.

«Description» February 1990. 15 copies. Broadside: 11 ¼ x 8 inches.

«Colophon» For Barbara on Her Wedding Anniversary | Fifteen copies printed by R. T. Risk | Francestown, New Hampshire: February 1990

100 • A.W.A. [Alan W. Armstrong]: “I like it.” 1992.

«Description» Poem printed on single sheet. 10 x 6½ inches. Paper: Frankfurt cream.

101 • Spencer Brown: Au Soir, A La Chandelie. Illustrated by Jocelynn Hallen. 1993.

«Description» February 1993. 35 copies. Broadside: 11¼ x 8½ inches. Single leaf printed on both sides. Illustrated by Jocelynn Hallen. “A Valentine to | Elizabeth Boyle Brown | 1988”.

R. T. Risk: Oxford Society of Bibliophiles102 • R. T. Risk (printer): Oxford University Society of Bibliophiles: Programme. 1993.

«Title-Page» Oxford University | Society of | Bibliophiles | [fleuron] | PROGRAMME | Trinity Term | 1993

«Description» Spring 1993. Number of copies unknown. 4 unnumbered leaves printed on cream card stock, folded once. 6 x 4 inches. Typeface: Bembo.

103 • Francis Golffing: Neobule's Soliloquy. 1993.

«Description» October 1993. Number of copies unknown. 1 leaf tipped into brown overlapping wrappers. 4 x 5½ inches. Typeface: 12-point Bembo.

Alexandra Herring: Horse Feathers104 • Alexandra Herring: Horse Feathers. Illustrated by Sharon Julie Pipe. The Strawberry Press [Paul W. Nash]. Islip: 1993.

«Title-Page» HORSE | FEATHERS | by Alexandra Herring | Illustrated by Sharon Julie Pipe | [wood-cut in dark brown] | The Strawberry Press 1993

«Description» 1993. 5 copies, lettered A to E. 7¾ x 5½ inches. 10 unnumbered leaves case-bound in quarter parchment with sides covered in a marbled paper made by R. T. Risk. Top edge trimmed, fore and bottom edges deckled. Titled in gold on the back-strip. Illustrated: one wood-engravings and five drawings by Sharon Julie Pipe, the latter printed from photopolymer blocks: on the title-page and on pages [6], [8], [10], [12], and [14]. The illustrations are printed in dark brown, and the press-mark on the colophon page in dark red. Paper: Gampi Vellum. Capitals in gold. Preserved in a slip-case.

«Colophon» 46 copies of Horse Feathers by Alexandra Herring | have been hand set and printed by P.W.N and | H.M.P. at the Strawberry Press, Islip. Of 41 cop- | ies on Zerkall mould-made paper, 35 are numbered | 31-5, and 6 are are lettered c and are reserved for the | Adored Copyright Libraries. There are also 5 copies | on Gampi Vellum, with capitals in gold, lettered | A-E: these copies are specially-bound using a paper | marbled by R.T. Risk of Francestown | New Hampshire. | [press-mark in dark red] | This copy is number [printed letter A, B, C, D, or E]

«Annotations» This was an unusual collaboration with a remarkable private printer colleague and friend, Paul W. Nash. At the time I had bought, or made, all the equipment, chemicals and inks to do marbling, and I was experimenting with them. One particular set of papers ended up covering a booklet of poems by Dean Lakin (number 60, above). I probably mentioned this to Paul, and we agreed I should make a few sheets for this book as well.

105 • Tyler Adams Dalley: Prayer of Faith. 1993.

«Description» December 1993. Number of copies unknown. Printed by Dalley (with help). 4 unnumbered leaves sewn into light green overlapping wrappers, printed on the front. 9 x 5¾ inches.

106 • Todd Ryan Boss: Life Raft. 1994.

«Description» August 1994. 12 copies printed by Boss (with help). 2 unnumbered leaves. Tipped into overlapping tan wrappers, printed on the front. 6¼ x 9½ inches. Text type-face: 12-point Bembo.

107 • Francis Golffing: Object Lesson. 1997.

«Description» September 1997. 35 copies. One unnumbered leaf, printed on both sides. Laid in blue wrappers with a titling label on the front: 6½ x 5 inches. Text type-face: 12-point Bembo.

108 • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: The Arrow and the Song. 2000.

«Description» December 2000. 35 copies. Single leaf printed on both sides. Laid in brown wrappers, folded over, with a titling label on the front. Paper: Frankfurt Cream.

«Colophon» 35 copies hand-printed by Terry Risk | for Mit Boyle as a gift for her friends | Francestown, December 2000 | [fleuron]

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